Hello wordpress!


Dear all,


It is my first time to use wordpress and I am going to develop my own photography blogs here, sharing what my thoughts and photos here. It will separate into several categories, primarily on the theme of “WH” –  “WHO”, “WHERE”, “WHAT” and “HOW”.

WHO – Portrait Photography
WHERE – Scenery Photography
WHAT – Event and Product Photography
HOW – Tips and critiques in my eyes on photography

I hope it will release by the end of this year, in my goal.

To know more about me, you can click out “About” here or later I will link my personal stock photos websites for your information to show you “Colours in my life”!

Jess Yu


About Jess Yu

Born, grow up and living in Hong Kong, Jess is probably one of the local devoted female photographers. Started taking photos seriously in 2007. Being trained in the field of photography and advertising in a renowned university in Shanghai, China. Graduated in Hong Kong in 2009, majoring in Cultural Studies. The experience of being a reporter and the several awards won in photography competitions encourage me to take up photography more seriously. Now I enjoy different fields of photography, to enrich "Colours in my life".

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