Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible



用過不少平款的柔光罩,都不合心意。它們的缺點不外乎出來的光不自然,像硬光一樣,主因多半是因為它們的擴展能力都一般。正所謂一分錢一分貨,於是我便試了Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible,即管看看有什麼大分別。在下面附上同一個參數但不同setting的測試相片給予參考。

這一張是用了Gary Fong 柔光罩的,看到是燈光變得很自然!

IMG_9914 as Smart Object-1


IMG_9916 as Smart Object-1

可以看到,Gray Fong 的柔光罩的作用是十分明顯,在婚禮時特別可以發揮到它的作用!套裝內除了柔光罩還有不同顏色的濾色片,希望下次可以分享不同色片對相片的影響給大家看!


About Jess Yu

Born, grow up and living in Hong Kong, Jess is probably one of the local devoted female photographers. Started taking photos seriously in 2007. Being trained in the field of photography and advertising in a renowned university in Shanghai, China. Graduated in Hong Kong in 2009, majoring in Cultural Studies. The experience of being a reporter and the several awards won in photography competitions encourage me to take up photography more seriously. Now I enjoy different fields of photography, to enrich "Colours in my life".

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